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Who we are

Information about the organizations members of the JMSG:
Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association (KHSIMA) is a non-profit organization working for the community to create an environment where all people can grow, have a choice and be valued as equal members of society. The goal of the organization is to develop opportunities for people who require services because of disability, poverty, abandonment, institutionalization, and other adverse social conditions. KHSIMA operates throughout the territory of Republic of Moldova since 2004.
Currently, the organization coordinates the activity of two Community Centers (one in the village of Tudora, Stefan Voda region, and another in the village of Bacioi, Chisinau) that were created in 2004 and in 2007, and also the “Community for All-Moldova” project that was launched in 2008.
The Community Centers offer services of social and educational integration to children whose parents are dependent of alcohol and live in the conditions of extreme poorness; children, left under care of grandparents or other relatives because their parents work abroad, etc. At the same time, the centers offer assistance and psychological counseling to parents or tutors of these children.
The „Community for All – Moldova” project is an initiative, supported by the Open Society Institute / Mental Health Initiative, in partnership with the Soros Foundation Moldova, the Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child, Keystone Human Services International (KHSI) and Hope and Homes for Children. The   „Community for All – Moldova” project is implemented by Keystone Human Services International through its branch – Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association.
The project aims to contribute to the reform of care and social protection of people with disabilities for their social inclusion by: developing the normative legislative framework for the regulation of the community services offered to people with disabilities; developing the community services, based on the necessities of persons with disabilities and their families/tutors.
The Public Association “Woman and Child – Protection and Support” from Criuleni was founded in 2000. The association promotes and fulfills the idea of integration of children with disabilities into the educational process and in the society. In order to achieve this objective, the association organizes numerous actions, like: creation of community services for  disadvantaged people, including those with disabilities; promoting the respect of the rights of persons with disabilities; according the informational support to communities and local NGOs which manifest initiative in according social services to children with disabilities; the training of teachers and parents for the forming of an acceptance environment of children with disabilities; sensitization of public awareness on the problems of children with disabilities.
The Association „SOMATO” from Bălţi, was founded in 1999, activates in the field of mental health and promotes a tolerant attitude towards people with mental health problems and their psychological and social rehabilitation.
The Day Care Center “Speranţa” is considered a leading organization in Chisinau in the field of rehabilitation and social integration of people with special needs. The mission of the organization is to develop a system of services which will support children with disabilities, their families, other services’ providers and the entire society – a system based on an efficient, qualitative answer in the partnership with competent organizations and the organizations with the power of decision on the respect of children’s rights and their potential for development.
The main objective of the organization is to prevent the institualization, to promote the education and social inclusion of the children with disabilities, especially of those who suffer of severe insufficiency of muscular-skeletal system and theirs school integration.
The Center of early intervention “Voinicel” is a nongovernmental organization which was created in 2003 with the support of AHEAD-Moldova from Norway having as goal to offer multidimensional medico-sanitary support to children with development disorders aged 0-4 years within an interdisciplinary team of early intervention. The organization’s objective is to help parents to keep their children in family; to provide practical support to children with special needs and their families; to establish a contact with similar organizations from abroad.