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Women and child - protection and support

At the present time, the Public AssociationWoman and Child – Protection and Support” is implementing four projects:
"Inclusion" – It is a project financed by The Swedish Organization for Individual Relief/(IM)/Representation of IM/SOIR Moldova. Within this project there was constituted the mobile service of early intervention for 7 localities from this region, for 54 families with small children and for 17 children up to 18 years old with severe disabilities;
There were created and developed 3 community services (in the Oxentea village, Dubăsari rayon, Dubăsarii Vechi village, Criuleni rayon, Hîrtop village, Criuleni rayon) for 125 children; 136 families raising children with special educational needs benefited of financial support. The project also promotes social and school inclusion of children with disabilities, the forming of professional didactic staff, families’ support and informing, community actors’ training.
"Inclusive education - equal chances for all children" – The Project foresees the creation of a Psycho- pedagogical and Educational Assistance Service at the regional level; the renovation and the equipment of  the office which is intended for this service.

"Education for All. It is financed by Soros Foundation-Moldova, and has the goal to promote social and school inclusion of children with disabilities.
"Inclusive kindergarten" This project is managed in partnership with the  "SocioPolis” NGO and foresees the creation and equipment of  a specialized assistance service within the  “Spicuşor” kindergarten from Criuleni, for pre-school aged children with special needs, the hiring of 3 specialists for this service (logopedist, psychologist and special pedagogue) and their payment by the mayor’s office of Criuleni rayon;  purchasing of a minibus to transport the children with special needs from the villages of Criuleni (Zolonceni and Ohrincea); organizing and forming trainings for educators, specialists who work in inclusive kindergartens and for  parents of children with special educational needs.