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Day Center “Speranţa”

The activity of the Day Center “Speranţa” is based on four main directions: 1) supporting children and their families based on the identification of their needs; 2) preparing children with special needs for their integration into general school; 3) inclusive education (integration of disabled children in school by improving  the existing human resources, adaptation of schools to form and to assist in the training process for all pupils, including those with disabilities); 4) information, training, consultancy and advocacy (the goal is to inform the society about the problems of people with disabilities and to modernize the methods of recovery,  social and school integration of children with special needs).
In this context, within the Day "Speranţa” there were created and are being offered the following types of services:  
1. Services of multifunctional recovery;
2. Consulting Committee and Parents’ School ;
3. Training and assistance at home;
4. The first steps in getting a profession;
5. Club of the rest day and socialization;
6. Continuing  informing and training ;
7. Supporting the educative inclusion.
One of the “Speranţa” Day Center’s priority objectives  is to sensitize and inform the society about the problems of people with disabilities; to inform other organizations in this field and also the public authorities about the educational aspect, rehabilitation, promotion of the right of children and young persons with disabilities based on the acquired experience and realizing the work visits, round tables and sharing the experience with national and foreign organizations with enormous experience in this field.
Collaboration with local mass-media
The reflection of the Day Center „Speranţa” activity in local mass-media could be observed during many years, the organization cooperating with different mass-media sources: Civic Monotor, “Info-Prim Neo” News Agency, The “Free Europe” Radio, TV 7, TV Moldova 1, Jurnal de Chişinău, Time, Civic Forum, Children Tribune, Eco Univers Pedagogic, Odoraş etc.
„Revista Presei” (Press magazine)
Revista Presei (Press magazine)was launched in 2008 and represents a weekly Internet magazine which presents selected materials from national and international press in the field of social inclusion of persons with disabilities, and also articles about important social events. Revista Presei is addressed to the organizations from this field, didactic staff, public local authorities etc.
  • „Including Me from the perspective of educative inclusion’s practicians” is a work realized within the Center of Resources „Including Me”, which is affiliated to the Day Center „Speranţa” and represents an exposition of the experience of specialists, teachers from different educational institutions and nongovernmental organizations in the promotion of social inclusion in the educational system of the Republic of Moldova.
  • „Including Me. Analysis, reflections, conclusions…”. This work was realized by the Day Care Center “Speranţa” in collaboration with the Center of Resources “Including Me”. The publication reflects the study of comparative analysis, syntheses from personal experience, reflections and conclusions about the optimization of the processes of educational democratization, promotion of educational inclusion, of the opportunities to develop the educational system in Republic of Moldova from the perspective of the specialist in this field.
  • Guide „School inclusion” – represents methodological marks for teachers who work with children with disabilities integrated in general school.  It was published in collaboration with the “Motivation –Moldova” Association.
  • „To an Inclusive Education” –  a guide for teachers, parents etc. in offering complementary services to children with disabilities. It was made in collaboration with Ecaterina Vrăşmaş, a professor from the University of Bucharest.
  • „Including Me” –  It is the Day Center’s „Speranţa” informative magazine on inclusive education. The magazine is published in collaboration with the “Pro-Didactica” Educational Center. Being one of the first organizations from Moldova who promoted the inclusive education of children with disabilities, the Day Center „Speranţa” initiates the appearance of the first magazine in this field.
  • „Parents for Parents” – A practical magazine for parents who educate children with disabilities. The first appearance of this magazine was in 2002, the main objective of this magazine being to inform parents who educate and raise children with disabilities. In this magazine there is published information on child’s care, relations between child and parents, aspects about alimentation, healthy life-style etc.
The Web-site of the Day Center „Speranţa”:
On this site there can be found information about the Center’s services, events and news referring to Center’s activity, and also other news from social field.