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„SOMATO” Association

The promotion of tolerant attitude towards persons with mental health’s problems and theirs social and psychological rehabilitation are the basic objectives of the “SOMATO” activity.
Within the Association there are five functioning programs for the beneficiaries and their relatives:
• creating the community services for mental health;
• protecting the rights of persons with mental health’s problems;
• informing in the field of mental health;
• advocacy and lobby activities in the field of mental health;
• analysis and improving the politics in the field of mental health;
• sensitize public awareness on mental health.

Also, the “SOMATO” association   has an important role in the initiation of the reforming the system of mental health of the Republic of Moldova, becoming an efficient instrument of advocacy and lobby in this field.
At the same time, “Somato” implements other programs:
a) the program “Children with equal chances”, which is directed against the isolation of children with intellectual disabilities and the assurance of equal chances for their  growing and development;
 b) the program of the Associations of families with problems, whose members are the “Somato” beneficiaries’ parents and relatives;
c) the Public program, which has the goal to sensitize the society by using periodical publications, booklets, brochures, companies of information, seminars and trainings;
d) The “Rights of people” program, which consist of different training activities on national and international legislation and also advocacy.