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Our work

The Joint Media Strategy Group (JMSG) aims, through its actions to contribute to the improvement of people with mental disabilities’ image in the society and to obtain the support from the society in the process of deinstitutionalization.
The group’s actions are meant to improve the acceptance of people with mental disabilities in society, to determine a conscious participation of people with mental disabilities in decision-making processes which affect them directly, to contribute to an active participation of associations of parents of children with disabilities in advocacy activities, to determine the media to positively reflect issues related to people with mental disabilities.

The main objectives of the Joint Media Strategy Group are as following:
  • To increase the population awareness regarding the disability issues in order to change their attitudes and behaviors toward persons with mental disabilities and to develop an environment of acceptance and inclusion.
  • To promote the rights of persons with mental disabilities: including the right to education, health, social services, employment, community living etc.
  • To increase the accountability of the local public authorities related to the delivering of some qualitative services to people with disabilities, based on their needs’ assessment.
  • To fight with the stereotypes regarding the persons with disabilities in order to reduce stigma and discrimination.
  • To promote a cooperative communication environment among NGOs working with disability issues. 
  • To promote a correct approach of journalists towards disability issues.