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Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association / "Community for all - Moldova"

The „ Community for All-Moldova” project started at the end of 2008 and will be implemented until 2013. During this period, the project aims to reform the system of social protection and care of persons with mental disabilities having as goal theirs social inclusion. This goal will be reached by: developing the normative legislative framework for the regulation of community services for persons with disabilities and by developing community services, focused on the necessities of persons with disabilities and their families/tutors.
For the fulfillment of these objectives, the project offers technical assistance to the Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child for the development of the strategy for social inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova, the law on social inclusion of persons with disabilities, the legal framework (rules, quality standards etc.) for the new services for persons with disabilities.
At the same time, the project’s team in  partnership with the public local authorities at the national and local level, promotes principles of social inclusion of persons with disabilities by supporting biological, extended or foster families in the reintegration of persons with disabilities; offers technical and material assistance to the communities for the development (creation and extension) of services of alternative social protection; supports the communities in the process of social inclusion of persons with mental disabilities; develops the capacity of parents, social assistants, social services providers and public local authorities in the field of social assistance of people with disabilities.