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Parents’ love and care saved Mitrutza

Filled with joy as he sees his parents, Dumitru beats the pillow with his palm with short screams - "NIU-NIU-NIU”. In such a way he can express his joy. Since he was taken home from the boarding house, Mitrutza, so he is being caressed by his mother, began to walk again, grab objects, link to other family members and smile happy to get a smile in return. For this child, who was brought home "to die", the love and care of his parents were more powerful than any medicine.

Dumitru is a quiet boy with big, black eyes. At his 12 years he seems to have only about 6. He is a child with multiple disabilities - cerebral motor disability (spastic Tetrapareză), epilepsy with dementia and autistic disorder. At 4 months he suffered head trauma from which the seizures began. The doctor’s "Interventions" have aggravated his health even more, so that he became totally dependent on the others’ help. The need to work in order to be able to support themselves and take care about Dumitru’s older sister, also with special needs, and about the younger, brother has forced the parents to use the only solution that was suggested to them at that time - to institutionalize the child.
Thus, at the age of 5 years Dumitru has been placed in the boarding house for mentally disabled children (boys) from Orhei. In the institution the child’s health has greatly worsened - Dumitru stopped walking; the epileptic seizures have escalated very much, reaching up to 70 accesses per month being hardly controllable with drugs. He could no longer recognize even his parents being apathetic and indifferent to everything happening around. In order to stop the boy sticking his hand in his mouth, a reflex that the boy did not want to give up, the staff from the boarding house has been keeping him in bed all the time, says the mother. Finally they called her to take Dumitru home because "she was dying." Even the parents no longer believed in his chance to live. But parents’ love and care, accompanied by an appropriate medical assistance, have done miracles. Mitrutza regained his will to live.
Due to the severe degree of disability, Dumitru is totally dependent on an adult and his perspective of personal growth is reduced. However, he has made great progress. At home Dumitru added weight and now can move more easily, he began to eat in an upright position, become more aware, establish eye contact, follow instructions such as "Give me your hand", "Hold," "Look Look at me! ", grab objects, climb stairs up and down without assistance, leave his adjusted seat  independently, stretch his hands when he wants something, push the door handle if he wants to leave,  approache the table when he is hungry, drink liquid from cups , throws objects, initiate contact with others, smiles to provoke family members’ smile. All these things, insignificant at first glance, are actually great victories of Dumitru and his parents.
Demetrius's family and the friends from the "Community for – Moldova” project relate high expectations regarding his future. They hope that the autonomy of the child will increase, that he will respond to external stimuli, will comply with the requirements, will be able to dress and eat independently. However, regardless of how things will evolve in the boy’s development, Mitrutza’s mother has currently peace that her son is at home, where he receives much more than simple care – he received the love of his dear people.